Enriches and reshapes your data

Wondaris is a data enrichment platform that unlocks a multitude of growth hacking strategies for marketers. It enables you to more effectively activate campaigns, personalise content, improve retention and amplify your customer loyalty. Born from the 2017 fusion of the inceptive Wondaris platform and the Ark CX platform, it: 1. Enriches and reshapes data 2. Uses machine learning and advanced statistical analysis to extract sentiment and meaning from your customer data 3. Produces deep, multi-dimensional characterisations of your customers, employees or brand experiences.

Wondaris adds feeling to your marketing and analytics

• It connects disparate customer data sources – internal marketing silos, social media platforms and other third-party sources – and transforms them into a single source file • Each data file is then analysed and overlayed with experiences and opinions, gathered through sentiment data analysis • An enriched profile is built for each customer file, which enable multidimensional opportunities for marketing activation

What’s sentiment data analysis?

Sentiment analysis (or Emotion AI) is the measurement of positive and negative language. By evaluating both written and spoken language, it determines the undertones of a set of words, and to what degree the expression is favourable, unfavourable or neutral. Why is that important? Cross-matching numeric data with sentiment data, builds human attitudes and opinions into the data insights, rather than just showing cold, hard numbers. This delivers more authentic, actionable solutions that create stronger relationships with customers and employees.

Why use Wondaris?

Wondaris enriches your data, to create a deeper characterisation of your customer. It empowers better decision making, optimises both marketing activities and communications, and improves every experience with your company. Best of all, it doesn’t just work within itself. Wondaris also engages with your disparate data silos and pushes richer datasets back out to them. That empowers you to talk more authentically to your customers, across all your internal divisions and external touchpoints.