Google Analytics is a central component to collecting and understanding your first party data. It allows you to produce the best marketing outcomes and customer experience.  Not only can the team at Datisan provide you with the Analytics 360 solution, but we can also help you to leverage this tool by assessing your team’s capability and providing bespoke training and support solutions.

Google Analytics 360 gives your business the tools you need to better understand your customers. You can then use those insights to take action, such as improving your website, creating tailored audience lists, and more. It also allows access premium capabilities such as advanced analysis, unsampled reports, Google BigQuery export, data-driven attribution, and more to get the most from your analytics.

Analytics 360 enables advertisers to...

Aggregate Data

Analyse Data at Scale

Take Action from Insight

Analytics 360 vs standard Google Analytics?

Hear from our Data Analyst, Tom Nichols, about the differences between the two types of Analytics.





It works better together

Analytics is designed to work seamlessly with other Google solutions and partner products, saving your time and increasing efficiency.

Google Ads

See your ads and website performance data together in the Google Ads reports in Analytics 360. You can also import your Analytics goals, e-commerce transactions and metrics into your Ads account
View and analyse Display & Video 360 data in Analytics 360 with a new set of dedicated reports. The integration also enables you to create audiences in Analytics 360 and use those audiences for remarketing in Display & Video 360.
See and analyse your Search Ads 360 data in Analytics 360. You’ll see a new set of dedicated reports with detailed metrics
Create custom site experiences using the audiences you’ve already created in Analytics.
Apply Analytics segments to your Data Studio reports, and see how your data is being sampled
With a built-in connection to BigQuery, Google Cloud’s enterprise data warehouse, you can easily join Analytics 360 data with other datasets and unlock BigQuery’s powerful tools for identifying insights.

Search Console

Associate your Analytics account with a site in your Search Console account to see Search Console data in your Analytics reports. You’ll also be able to access Analytics reports directly from the Links to your site, and Sitelinks pages in Search Console.