Google Marketing Platform

Brings your organisation's marketing tools together – for smarter marketing and better results

Without reliable measurement, you’re unable to accurately understand your customers’ behaviour and the effectiveness of your activities. The Google Marketing Platform, “gathers data from across the many touchpoints of today’s complex customer journey. It then uses deep insights to help your enterprise measure and improve the impact of your marketing.”

Seven measurement solutions in one powerful package

The Google Marketing Platform solutions are built to work together, so you can easily access shared data across products – to deliver better customer experiences.

Analytics 360

Analytics 360 gives you the tools you need to better understand your customers and deliver deeper experiences through your website, tailored audience lists, and more.

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Tag Manager 360

Offers simple, yet powerful solutions to help small businesses and large enterprises get up and running with measurement faster.

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Optimize 360

Discover which digital experiences are resonating with customers, through this enterprise class testing and personalisation tool.

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Search Ads 360

Get the most from your search campaigns by responding to an ever-changing market in real time, and at scale.

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Display and Video 360

Work smarter with just one tool, for end-to-end campaign management – from media planning and creative development to measurement and optimisation.

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Data Studio

Unlock the power of your data with interactive dashboards and engaging reports that inspire smarter business decisions.

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Surveys 360

Get valuable insights into the minds of your target audience to help you make smarter, faster business decisions.

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Why use it?

We work with you to understand, customise and integrate your data

You own all your data and have control over its distribution

Aggregates data across all channels – measuring and improving the entire customer experience

Provides real time key strategic insights that allow you to optimise campaigns in-the-moment

Integrates with other Google solutions including Google Ads and BigQuery

Works smoothly across devices – supports mobile websites and native mobile apps

24/7 inhouse technical support and we work closley with the analytics team at Google

Delivers ROI (return on investment) efficiencies


Google Approved

Datisan is one of a select few authorised Google Marketing Platform Resellers in Australia, as well as a certified Certified Analytics Partner and Google Cloud Partner.