Google Cloud Platform

Use the cloud to efficiently align your marketing analytics and digital marketing, across your customers’ entire data journey

Google Cloud for Marketing is an intelligent cloud platform that delivers scalable, relevant digital marketing to your customers in the right place, at the right time. It improves your return on digital marketing spend by: securely storing and combining data sets, filling in your data holes, compiling a single, clear profile of each customer. That profile is then shared and used across multiple marketing tools, to deliver relevant personalisation, relevant experiences and marketing content.

Be more productive with cloud solutions

Within Google Cloud Platform, we specialise in Cloud for Marketing. We help clients securely inhabit the cloud, use their marketing and customer data more efficiently and gain a competitive advantage – with each solution bespoke designed, to a client’s individual needs.

Seriously Powerful Data and Analytics

Tap into big data to find answers faster and build better products.

Why use it?

Google Cloud for Marketing is a powerful, fully managed marketing analytics and data warehouse solution

We work with you to provide ongoing onsite and remote support

You own all your data and have control over its distribution

It’s serverless – there’s no infrastructure to manage, or any need for a database administrator

Secure and reliable – you have full control over data access and protections

Fully integrates with Google Marketing Platform and its analytics tools

Efficient and usable – quickly access real-time analysis and interactive visualisations of your data

Delivers ROI (return on investment) efficiencies

Google approved

Datisan is one of a select few authorised Google Marketing Platform Resellers in Australia, as well as a certified Certified Analytics Partner and Google Cloud Partner.