Digital Marketing Maturity

Over the past 10 years, the marketing landscape has changed dramatically.

How does your organisation stack up against the average Australian business? Are you digitally mature and capable? Datisan has been surveying marketers from a range of industries across key areas of digital capability.

If you’re not sure if your business is nascent, on the way to emerging, connected or multi-moment, Datisan’s short assessment will give you topline information about what your current state is and Datisan is well-placed to discuss how to develop this digital marketing maturity.  

You will receive a copy of The 2019 Australian Digital Maturity Report which will showcase how you compare with the national digital maturity benchmark.

The four key areas of digital capability are:

  • Data Driven Marketing
  • Marketing Automation and Activation
  • Marketing Measurement and Attribution
  • Organisational Collaboration for Marketing Outcomes

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All survey information will remain anonymous with no personally identifiable information included in the report. Each respondent will be emailed a personalised summary which will feature a comparison of their submitted information against the results in the 2019 report.

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