Digital Marketing Maturity

What is Digital Maturity? Datisan Explains…

Here’s Chris Rozic, CEO and Co-founder of Datisan, to tell you more about the four stages of digital maturity (Nascent, Emerging, Connected & Multi-Moment) and why they’re so important in a playlist of Datisan Bytes.


So where to start?

We know from experience that digital marketing maturity can sometimes be daunting as a strategic concept, particularly when it’s viewed as one large project.

But when the strategy is broken down into manageable (and actionable) chunks, each with their own ROI benefit, the digital maturity journey is one that can continue to optimise your marketing outcomes, regardless of what stage you are at.

Our maturity framework is based on the most important drivers of organisational and technical success factors in digital marketing provide a better understanding of customers, creating or improving automation and getting the most out of current technology and teams.

The first step on the digital marketing maturity journey to to assess your current state… meaning what does your business look like now? And how does it stack up to others in the same industry?

Datisan’s Digital Marketing Maturity Audit process has helped CMOs and marketing teams make strategic changes that have benefited the business in both the short and long term.

Why digital maturity matters

Consumer Shifts

Today, more and more of our lives are powered by mobile and digital. We love our devices, but what we really love is the power our devices give us. The power to get exactly what we want, instantly and effortlessly. To have our needs not just met, but anticipated.

For marketers, this means the very nature of how consumers behave and what they expect has changed. And as these expectations grow, so do the requirements (and opportunities) for marketers.

How can you be digitally mature and anticipate the needs of your customers?

Use the power of technology and insights to deliver relevant, real-time messages at scale, whenever each consumer is ready for them. Of course, if customers benefit, businesses benefit.

The four stages of Digital Maturity

2020 Digital Maturity Survey Open

Help Datisan update our research by reviewing the state of Australia’s digital marketing maturity in 2020. We’ve launched a new survey which takes under 10 minutes to complete. By submitting your responses, you are in the draw to receive a free Digital Maturity Audit & Roadmap, valued at $15,000.

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