Marketing Analytics

The proof is in the data. Configure, collect, analyse and develop high performing marketing strategies with Datisan’s Marketing Analytics

Customer retention is simple - when you know how to connect your data points…

Delivering relevant experiences to customers on time and in the right place can be a challenge. So how can Datisan help?

We analyse customer and marketing data, to enable more efficient and effective results in marketing and business activities. We uncover insights within your data sets, collaborate with your team, and develop an insights-driven marketing strategy to maximise your marketing and customer experience potential.

We will work with you to understand how your company measures success and forms KPIs, and use this to only surface the most relevant data. From there we will harness that information to create near real time visualisations and dashboards. This will allow you to easily interpret your data and make more efficient and effective marketing decisions.

How Marketing Analytics adds value to your business

  • Attribute online marketing & media expenditure to your offline customer activities
  • Drive personalization of your content based on how your customers want to receive marketing messages from your business
  • Optimise your media spend by channel, by putting customers preference at the heart of the strategy and recommendations
  • Help your team meet the increasing expectation of capability to implement technology, use it efficiently, and make sure you protect your investment in mar-tech and cloud
  • Make your customer data accessible, portable and actionable by centralisation – so more than just IT or Marketing can access it

Datisan on how to activate data for business outcomes