Only 30% of retailers in Australia realise the full potential of connecting online and offline customer data… what could it mean if you could link your customer journey?

At Datisan, we have seen increased expectations for businesses to be digitally-led and customer-centric in their marketing approach. Undertaking digital marketing maturity projects is a way for brands to ensure this happens.
According to our latest Annual Digital Marketing Maturity Growth Report, there is huge potential for marketing and technology teams within the retail sector to modernise their digital marketing by increasing their brand’s digital marketing maturity.
We have seen retail organisations that undertake digital marketing maturity projects realise an increase of 20% in revenue and cost efficiencies of up to 30%.
Isn’t it worth taking a look at your current maturity state and what you can do to take it to the next level?

Digital Marketing Maturity Growth Report

What did we find when we surveyed Australian retailers about their digital maturity? Find out more when you download a copy of our 2020/2021 Annual Report.


Find out what your current digital marketing maturity is and help us build a better picture of what this looks like for retailers in Australia in 2021.

These are the top 3 questions we hear from marketing and technology teams within the retail industry:

How do I take control of my marketing data?

And remain PII compliant?

How can I connect my online & offline data ?

I want to understand my omni-channel ROI or ROAS

How do I reach the right customer at the right time?

With the right message, on the right channel?

Tell me more…

Here’s Chris Rozic, CEO and Co-founder of Datisan, to tell you more about the four stages of digital maturity (Nascent, Emerging, Connected & Multi-Moment) and why they’re so important in a playlist of Datisan Bytes.


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