Google BigQuery

Transform your first party data into actionable insights and strategy to supercharge your marketing success.

Big Data is more accessible for business today than it has ever been. This presents an incredible opportunity for business to develop a deep understanding of their customers and develop marketing strategy and campaigns to achieve the full potential of your marketing budget and deliver the type of experience that customers have come to expect. But how do you identify the right data to guide your marketing strategy. This is where BigQuery shines.  

Benefits of Google BigQuery

Imagine being able to connect all of your data sets and analyse terabytes of data in seconds…without the need for expensive infrastructure and processing power.  


For the Tech teams:

  • Fully managed, serverless, petabyte scale, low-cost analytics data warehouse
  • No infrastructure to manage
  • Simple and fast integration of data (seconds)
  • No cluster maintenance is required
  • Compute and Storage separate
  • Only pay for what is used
  • Full control over who accesses the data sets


    For Marketing teams:

  • More accurate insights on your data and a better understanding of who your customers are
  • Increased clarity and understanding of customer behavior. With the ability to feed in offline and online data sets including CRM data gain a competitive advantage by quickly adjusting marketing strategy and activation based on more accurate insights
  • A better understanding of customer behavior also allows for greater customer retention
  • Better targeting through advanced modelling like customer segmentation, loyalty, and inactivity, lifetime customer value etc

Brands Datisan has supported to enable BigQuery include: