Download Datisan's latest Annual Digital Marketing Maturity Growth Report

The marketing landscape has changed dramatically in just a few short years. Datisan has seen an increased expectation for businesses to be digitally-led and customer-centric in their marketing approach.

We wondered what this looked like for Australian businesses in 2020 … and how different organisations stack up to industry averages. So for the second year, Datisan has surveyed marketing professionals from across many industries to learn more about trends in digital marketing maturity in Australia.

This report explores insights and changes by comparing 2020 to the two years of previous data from Datisan, as well as Google and Boston Consulting Group. 

For the 2020 annual report, Datisan also included questions that related to the tumultuous year we have experienced as related to COVID-19 and the resulting uncertainties and pressure this has had on business.

If you’re interested in understanding more about the 4 different stages of digital marketing maturity, check out our YouTube channel to see our short explainers or visit to our Digital Marketing Maturity page to read more.  You can also take our shortened quiz that will give you an indication of where your digital marketing maturity might be.