From October 2021, Datisan's next phase of modernised marketing is launching. We are a technology company for the next generation of marketing and customer experience (CX).


Enterprise scale serverless data platforms, AI and machine learning tailored for marketing.
Tools and platforms that unlock intelligence & enable integrated and seamless marketing and customer experiences.
Activation strategies and programs supercharged with data and AI.


We act as your data interpreter and domain expert. Handpicked from across the globe for their smarts and sharps, our data scientists, engineers and technologists, strategy and marketing experts reconstruct your data silos into collaborative, revenue driving structures. Your marketing is then empowered and transformed, into data driven initiatives that deliver results.

How we add value to your business

In this era of rapid-fire change in technology and customer expectation, you want to know…

  • Attribute online marketing & media expenditure to your offline customer activities.
  • Drive personalization of your content based on how your customer’s want to receive marketing messages from your business.
  • Optimise your media spend by channel, by putting customer’s preference at the heart of the strategy and recommendations.
  • Uncover insights within data sets, collaborate with the team, and activate accordingly.
  • Help your team meet the increasing expectation of capability to implement technology, use it efficiently, and make sure you protect your investment in mar-tech and cloud.
  • Make your customer data accessible, portable and actionable by centralisation – so more than just IT or Marketing can access it.


AI driven customer experience

Customer experience

Great customer experience and the ability to personalise content relies on the ability to understand your data. We provide the clarity on your data needed to deliver the type of experience that your customers are looking for.
Reduced Infrastructure costs with cloud

Reduced Cost & SCALABILITY

No more heavy investment in maintenance and hardware for on premise technology.

Just scalable, reliable and agile cloud solutions.
connect & activate data

Data Convergence

By connecting and understanding all of your valuable 1st party data, offline and online, you can make more informed decisions impacting your overarching Business and Marketing strategy and direction.
Data Driven insight & Strategy

Data Driven Strategy

With your first party data optimised and accessible the Datisan team partners with you to develop marketing strategies that deliver business growth and drive customer experience.
Optimised Marketing capability

Optimised Marketing

With a clear and well informed strategy you can maximise your marketing spend and eliminate wasted budgets and time chasing 3rd party data and waiting for the campaign to optimise.
Transparency and clarity

Transparency & Clarity

By surfacing all of your key metrics into a bespoke dashboard there is no more waiting on reporting to understand marketing performance. All the information you need at your fingertips, in near real time.

Enterprises we’ve transformed

As a next gen tech company that specialises in marketing data and analytics, we work with forward-thinking corporations, enterprises and governments who are transforming their information from potential, into meaningful insights and action.