Fitness First is an international fitness centre brand that has over 60 clubs in Australia under the ownership of Fitness and Lifestyle Group.

Fitness First had an existing digital marketing plan with a series of agencies looking after different categories of paid search activity, but they wanted to consolidate all of it to be under one roof. This way, they could increase the value they were getting from their data and their budget.

By marrying our marketing data insights with customer beliefs and attitudes, Traffika delivered our brand goal of increasing audience awareness of the benefits of exercise.
Samantha Bragg, Head of Marketing, Fitness First.

They also wanted to change the perception of the value of health, fitness and gym membership by increasing awareness through their digital marketing strategy.

“Our focus was on consolidating tracking, reporting methodology and processes. This was done by ‘connecting the dots’ and unifying data sets (Ad serving platforms, Google Analytics, Marketing Campaigns). In bringing all these aspects together, it facilitated better reporting and insights capabilities.” – Client Strategy Director, Traffika.

The Goal

The main goals for Fitness First were to put an efficient digital marketing strategy in place, increase awareness of the value of exercise and fitness and to drive new customer gym trials and memberships.

The Solution

  • The creation of a complete Paid Advertising strategy across the Fitness First website and blog using Paid Search, Display Remarketing and Content Amplification.
  • Web analytics system review and implementation of an integrated and unified search strategy.
  • Consolidation of all digital assets and messaging throughout every stage of the customer journey.
  • Optimised the ability to target people using enhancements such as geolocation, Google My Business and cross device targeting so that they could be visible to potential customers nearby a Fitness First Club.
  • Utilising the latest in google tech stack releases to drive efficiency and value
  • Using remarketing strategies to drive people towards making the buying decision (conversion).
  • Taking advantage of opportunities in seasonal events and increasing relevance of what customers were being shown.

The Outcome


Increase in Memberships


Increase in the number of Guest Passes downloaded


Increase in E-commerce conversion rate