Rise, and shine!

July 15, 2020
Rachel Ellison

USC Australia has launched first interactive virtual Open Day on Sunday 19 July.

As USC’s technology & digital marketing partner, Datisan is excited to announce this new virtual and interactive open day environment.

USC Australia faced a challenge over the past couple of months – how to to provide their usual personable and approachable Open Day experience in July 2020, with all of the restrictions around social distancing and the need to balance community health. USC has pivoted from a traditional face-to-face campus event to designing an engaging and online open day experience that is able to convey a lot of information about study options, virtually.

USC’s Open Day, launched on Sunday 19 July 2020, allows each user to have a personalised virtual experience, with the freedom to plan your visit to suit your needs and study interests while also providing connected guided tours of USC’s varied campuses and facilities. As a virtual environment it is available 24/7 on all devices, so that you can explore USC in your own time, catering to audiences of all ages from high school students to mature ages and parents.

As USC Australia’s digital marketing agency, we have scoped ideas around immersive student experiences and connected USC with leading web-VR and interactive 360-degree technology company, Holoscribe.

The inclusion of XR into the Open Day campaign engagement is an exciting first for both USC and Datisan.

The primary aim of the Open Day project was to build an environment for USC to connect with prospective students and their parents when it wasn’t possible to be on campus. However, in the back of our mind, longevity of such an environment was also critical for the university and return on investment both in resources and audience solutions.

Chris Rozic, CEO and Co-Founder of Datisan.

Holoscribe, also a part of Xpon Technologies, powers this immersive experience that enables engagement and increases the ability of USC to connect with prospective students beyond Open Day.

Extended Reality (or XR) is an umbrella term to cover various forms of computer-alerted reality including virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality. The technology is exciting in itself but to really make this web-VR experience stand out, we and Holoscribe have also incorporated XR analytics. 

Where typical digital behaviour analytics is limited to tracking clicks and page views, XR analytics enables true behavioural insight by capturing not only how people move through an XR experience, but also what they look at and how they choose to interact with content and brand in an platform that is far closer to real life than a typical website or app.

The XR analytics from the virtual event will give USC greater understanding of its visitors and will allow the university to adjust and optimise their experiences for greater engagement.

The initial marketing message for an online Open Day was implemented by Datisan through paid digital channels, utilising audiences and data from Google Marketing Platform and social channels for USC’s targeted audiences across South East Queensland. The creative concept and executions were produced by Brisbane creative agency, RedSuit.

The ability for the virtual open day platform to be available longer than just one day means that Datisan and USC will continue to drive audiences through to this virtual environment to connect people to information and experiences about USC and study.

To experience USC’s online Open Day for yourself, visit www.usc.edu.au/open-day

About Holoscribe:

Holoscribe was founded in 2015 to provide digital publishers and content creators the ability to craft and share VR and AR experiences in minutes, without developers. Holoscribe now powers immersive customer experiences that enable brands to drive industry leading engagement rates and increase customer engagement and monetisation by providing solutions that are bespoke, easy-to-use and require no other external applications. For more information, please visit https://holoscribe.com/