How to travel from the comfort of your home in COVID-19

April 10, 2020
Caroline Sheahan

Given current circumstances and government regulations, getting away for the Easter weekend is sadly no longer an option.

Along with this, the effect on the travel and tourism industry has been nothing short of harrowing. But in spite of being stuck in our homes over this break, we’re excited to see technology being used to bring these experiences to us in the comfort of our homes. VR companies, (like one of our affiliated businesses Holoscribe) are working tirelessly with new clients who are coming on board to better engage with their audiences through their VR, 360 and AR products at this time. We’re seeing augmented and virtual reality being used more than ever before by museums and popular outdoor destinations as well as live streaming of zoos, aquariums and even from space!  We’ve listed a collection of awesome places to explore over this long weekend to keep the travel-bug away. Now’s the time to start dreaming of where your next trip will be after domestic and international travel restrictions are loosened and we’re able to support the regional businesses and travel and tourism again at large. But let’s first look, as per usual, at the data.

According to the TTF (Tourism and Transport Forum of Australia) International Visitation was down 40% Jan to June 2020 compared to the same period last year, a loss of 1.8m visitors.

The International Receipts Monthly average loss post-March 2020 is estimated to be $2 billion.

Tourism job cuts of 15% – 20% may be occurring, the net effect being an estimated reduction of 99,000 – 133,200 jobs in mostly part-time, casual and contract/seasonal jobs/positions.

Now to the fun things that you can do to get through this weekend!

Google Earth

Ever wanted to see the magnificence of the Hoover Dam? Trek the Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps? Or maybe visit the colossal Colosseum in Rome? You can do it right here from Google Earth.

Google Arts & Culture

Another fantastic Google product, Google Arts and Culture has you covered for art galleries modern and classic. Wander through the Guggenheim in NY, the Tate Modern in London or the Uffizi gallery in Florence, learn about the artists and exhibitions as well as taking a quiz at the end to see what you’ve learnt here.

The Louvre

Similar to the above, the Louvre has its own tours and exhibitions to peruse online, visit the Egyptian Antiquities, the Galerie d’Apollon and go on an underground tour of the Remains of the Louvre Moat built in 1190AD here!

Museums Victoria

For something a little closer to home, the Museums Victoria site has a smorgasbord of options for everyone from the art aficionado to the science geek. (Hot tip: the Dinosaurs exhibit will be a hit with the kids!) Check it out here. Live Cams is seriously cool. Explore the great outdoors all over the world with live streaming from some of Earth’s most beautiful natural places. Watch live elephants in Africa, pandas in China or view the splendour of the northern lights in Manitoba, Canada. Check it out here.

7 Wonders of the World

This one really speaks for itself. Visit these wonders in China, Jordan, Mexico, India, Brazil, Italy and Peru.

While we’re keeping socially distant, technology is allowing us to keep connected. Each week we’re hosting Friday Virtual Beers on Google Hangouts, with a new theme for every catch up.

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