Welcome to… Limitless Potential and Lead with Curiosity

At Datisan, and within XPON Technologies Group, we pride ourselves on our ability to lead with curiosity in order to embody limitless potential.

The 2020 refresh of our core values – Own It, Brave Enough and Grow Together – truly shaped the success of XPON Technologies Group and how we interact with each other, our clients, partners and suppliers.

Datisan’s Culture Consultant, Belinda Forman, and XPON Technologies Group’s Head of People and Culture, Anthea Middleton, have been working with our team at Datisan and the wider business to discover how our group can continue to evolve. We’ve realised that without curiosity for continual growth, our potential for an innovative future is limited. So we’re introducing two new core values.

Belinda and Anthea recently caught up with Rachel Ellison to introduce our new values and how they will influence our future.

Datisan team outside Brisbane’s Powerhouse for our 2021 DATA Day

Rachel: Why has it been important to have a shared set of values across the XPON Technologies Group businesses?


It was important to learn what values connected our people no matter where they are located. This set of common values guides our decision-making and also, how we show up every day.

Culture is the glue that holds the team together, the common value set that you all want to be a part of.

Datisan introduced Own It, Brave Enough, and Grow Together as values in 2020. What has prompted the addition of two more?


As we have been rapidly growing and acquiring new businesses within the XPON Technologies Group, it was important to gain an understanding of how our existing values resonated with newer teams. 

To do this, we initiated a workshop with the teams to learn about their personal values and how they appeared in their daily life, and then discussed how these values could be incorporated into their every-day within our business. 


What was interesting was that as we undertook these workshops we uncovered missing pieces in our value proposition about how our teams view the world and how they think. These became our two new values: 

What does Limitless Potential mean?


It’s a mindset, the way we see opportunities and the way we wish to see life for ourselves and others.

We don’t accept what is, we look to push the barriers and innovate to find a better way.

What defines Lead with Curiosity?


It’s how we learn and continuously improve. Always asking ‘why’ and seeking to understand.

Our minds are open to possibility. 

How do you see these values being embodied by our people?


How these values manifest in our team is different for every person but you can see them in action when interacting with our team, in the way we act and speak. 

They see our clients’ limitless potential and how we can support their growth, or in the way our team pushes the barriers of technology to achieve outcomes.

Leading with curiosity is often seen by asking questions of each other – is there a better way that will create a better experience?

How do you think these values will shape the near future of the business?


These values are the connectors to our ecosystem that encourages continual growth. Together our five values connect the story of who we are and how we show up and represent XPON Technologies Group.

How do you see these values being incorporated into everyday practice within the business?


They are now a framework for how we work, we have operationalised them into our procedures and processes. An example of this is how we approach client engagements…

Belinda, how does having a new group-wide, dedicated, Head of People and Culture, support the business?


It has been wonderful to have a fresh set of eyes to look at the whole of the XPON Technologies Group from a more strategic level. Anthea is someone who can build the systems and processes we need to support the growth of our people business. I love having Athena’s insight from her time at digital native enterprises like Facebook on how we can create a better experience for the team throughout their journey with XPON Technologies Group.

Anthea, what has been the most important thing you have seen coming into, and working with, the Datisan business?


My very first day in the role I was able to participate in the Monday standup, where the team opened with what they were grateful for and what they had learned since they last caught up. To see how genuinely important this was to the team, and then have them close with nominations of their fellow team mates based on their shared values, I knew I was in a really special company.  

What do you hope for the future of the businesses from a People and Culture perspective? 


I hope that XPON Technologies Group will be known as the place where the whole person is valued, not just their talent in their craft. A place where people can grow their skills, salary and self, own their time and outcomes, and contribute and make an impact in something bigger than themselves. #limitlesspotential

You can read a little more about all our values on our Culture page. If you want to find out how Datisan can enable your business to lead with curiosity, chat to the team today.