Hi, and welcome to the Datisan Blog.

I’m Chris Rozic, CEO of Datisan. Please sit back, relax, and strap yourself in for a story.

The Datisan Story

Back in 2009, our sister company Traffika was created with the future of digital marketing in her sights and a promise to always test and learn. This was founded by an undeniable belief that data was the future of marketing. In the five years following its inception, and through constant experimentation and evaluation of her own data, Traffika learnt that there was a market need for sharper data capabilities and infrastructure. It was this insight that created a unique opportunity and so, the idea of Datisan was born.

Fast forward to 2017, and I had the good fortune of meeting Matt Daniels (our now CTO). I’d been working in the analytics space and he in IT-led development and we decided to work together to build a customer experience management platform called ArkCX. It was this platform which became the catalyst for a conversation between myself and Matt Forman (Founder of Traffika.)

Soon after this, I joined the Traffika team in Datisan, now truly established as its own entity under the parent group, Maverick Data Group. It gave us a unique positioning around data enablement, data enrichment via a platform and data activation via Traffika. And we could do all of this through the marketing and customer lens.

The Passion of the Team

Much like Traffika, at Datisan we pride ourselves on our authenticity and passion for what we do. For everyone who works here, our drive comes from our personal passions around creating legitimately relevant, data-rich experiences for customers.

As an example, our CTO Matt Daniels has always wanted to build websites that people actually want to use and would help them through their journey. And not just based on anecdotes or gut instinct, but on data. The core of his belief is that

“Data gives you the reason why people do things, and therefore it should be used as the reason for doing things.”

I’ve always been obsessed with measurement and wanting to know why. Working in marketing and looking at focus groups and research from above the line advertising was never enough. I saw first hand how much more effective digital marketing could be at translating customer behaviour into data insights.

“I wanted to see how data could show us how to understand the emotions behind decision making.”

Needless to say Matt Daniels and I had a certain synergy in our visions and when combined with Matt Forman we were able to create a business that we really care about. That’s really how our passion for Datisan – came together and frankly, it’s why we do what we do.

What sets us apart

The uniqueness of Datisan really boils down to a couple of things, experience and our combination of skillsets. The entire Datisan group have worked both client and agency side for decades. And with experience in cloud and IT infrastructure, marketing, analytics, IT and implementation we have the ability to understand the customers’ problems holistically. At an activation end we can easily identify the issues, but our combined skills help us to take a step back to find a solution for the entire process, all the way from IT infrastructure, to Mar-tech, to the marketing activation itself.

“In essence, it’s a coming together of senior minds that sets us apart from the crowd.”

What you can expect from the Datisan Blog

On this blog you’ll find updates on what’s happening in data, analytics and cloud tech around the world, business updates on Datisan and some thought-leadership pieces from our talented team of tech heads. I’d like to thank you for being a part of the Datisan journey. Make sure you come back to check out our next blog and follow us on social.