Music to my ears in COVID-19

March 31, 2020
Caroline Sheahan

At Datisan, we’re huge supporters of live music and music in general.

There’s not a Monday morning that goes by where we’re not sharing our experiences from gigs or festivals we went to on the weekend, or new mixes and albums released that we’re digging. Unfortunately for artists and bands, the new social distancing measures means that people aren’t able to attend their gigs – which obviously affects their ability to earn a living. Last week we even heard this firsthand from a client who is also in a band (shout out to Alan). But with this new time, people are adapting. We’re seeing live streamed gigs, digital album sales and online petitions to help out artists in strife. There’s plenty of ways (listed below) to still get your music fix through this social isolation, while helping out artists too. But this wouldn’t be a Datisan blog if we didn’t have a look at the data first…

Rolling Stone has reported (via Alpha Data)  that in the past couple of weeks since COVID-19’s pandemic level announcement there has been a 7.6% decrease in music streaming down to 20.1 billion streams.

Physical album sales dropped by 27.6% and digital sales by 12.4%.

Interestingly there’s also been a shift in the type of music people are listening to. Classical music was up 1.5%,  with Folk streaming up 2.9% and Children’s Music up 3.8%. 

Music Business Worldwide/MBW also reported that from March 6th to March 12th, Spotify had their second biggest week for 2020 for the total number of streams in their weekly Top 200 global chart.  

Now is the best time to help artists and bands get through this crisis, (while also keeping yourself sane)! So check out our hot tips for music below:

Shutdown Series (The Tivoli)

Curating a series of live-streamed gigs, the Shutdown Series invites local artists to perform at the Tivoli, reaching viewers in the comfort of their own homes. They accept donations during the stream, all of which 100% will go directly towards the artist. Visit the page here.

Couch Choir (by Pub Choir)

A fun and carefree way to connect with others [at a distance] no matter how vocally competent you are, Couch Choir opens singing submissions from the public for different songs. They compile each submission into one big video in three-part harmonies here.

Support Act

This is Australia’s only charity that delivers crisis relief to artists, crew and music workers as a result of ill health, injury, mental health or other factors that affect their ability to work on music. You can donate directly to the charity or set up a benefit concert to assist someone in need here.

I Lost My Gig

I Lost My Gig is a quick, short-response data capture project quantifying the immediate impact of COVID-19 on Australia’s live and entertainment industries. They do not collect funds or donations, but you can register and stay connected when initiatives and opportunities arise here.

Sound of Silence

Sound Of Silence (SOS) is a national initiative that works with Support Act and CrewCare to alleviate the severe hemorrhaging of income from widespread event cancellations. You can support by purchasing merchandise and concentrating on actions that circulate back into the music industry here.

Band Camp 

Band Camp breaks down how they directly support artists by paying them out daily, and creating a sustainable music economy. Fans have paid artists $476 million using Bandcamp, and $15.5 million in the last 30 days alone here.

While we’re keeping socially distant, technology is allowing us to keep connected. Each week we’re hosting Friday Virtual Beers on Google Hangouts, with a new theme for every catch up.

If you’re keen to get involved or have any questions about how we might help your business hit us up by emailing us here.