Fusing Human Insights and Data for Marketing Success

October 8, 2018
Brent Lupton

Fusing Human Insights and Data for Marketing Success.

At Traffika we use our strategies, content and digital media powered by our ability, to understand your customer data.

Having recently taken on the position of CEO at Traffika, I really wanted to deep dive into the term data driven marketing and explore what that means for our clients and their customers and the value that it delivers.

Before looking at the value of fusing data with human insights meant for brands I took a step back to look at why or more specifically what the function of Marketing actually is.

Some might say that its positioning brands, products, services in front of consumers to raise awareness, consideration and of course purchase. However those are all outcomes that, as Marketers we are looking to achieve.

By focusing only on the positioning of products, services and brands without understanding who the customer is, what they are trying to achieve and why, all we are doing is disrupting their journey and creating more advertising noise.

While using great creative and understanding who your target audience is, we’re not achieving the cut through or enhancing the customers experience.

By using data coupled with human insights and understanding what data is important, we can create marketing solutions that shape real conversations with customers. Rather than disrupt their journey we use data driven marketing to accentuate their journey or make their online experience more efficient.

“Data Driven marketing fused with human insights delivers marketing outcomes with REAL impact.”

Keep an eye out for Traffika’s new series of blogs, podcasts and workshops on how to start with the basics of activating your available marketing data to accelerate your marketing strategy and amplify your marketing ROI.

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