Datisan & Traffika Merger

April 2, 2019
Matt Forman

It is a tremendously proud and exciting day

for our teams and for me personally, as we announce the consolidation of 2 of our businesses, Traffika and Datisan into a single unified business under the Datisan brand.

10 years ago almost to the day, I founded Traffika in the spare bedroom of our home. In a short period of time Traffika grew into a premium digital marketing agency with big names clients along the east coast of Australia, Asia and the USA. We partnered and grew well known Australian brands like Lorna Jane, 2XU and many more along with global giants like Alibaba.com and Evernote.

Like any business, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing and we’ve had our fair share of challenges and learning opportunities along the way.

Much of our early success can be attributed to 3 things:

It’s this 3rd point that has helped Traffika to continuously adapt to remain relevant for a decade, leaving behind many of our counterparts and competitors. Once again we are evolving and consolidating our offering – through Datisan.

The exponential change that is disrupting industries, markets and brands is accelerating. The convergence of cloud, big data, AI, IoT and XR is decimating traditional methods of marketing at an accelerated pace.

Our view of the world is that the marketing agency model of the past is dying, and dying quickly.

Brands that do not rapidly modernise their marketing will quickly become obsolete. In the new world, marketing that doesn’t harness the full power of cloud, AI and data won’t stand a chance against those that do.

We believe we need to disrupt ourselves in order to help our clients transition into this new world.

So today, we announce that Traffika will become the Audience business unit within Datisan under a modernised service offering.

The 3 pillars of Datisan’s new offering are:

Cloud – enterprise scale serverless data platforms, AI and machine learning tailored for marketing.
Martech – tools and platforms that unlock intelligence & enable integrated and seamless marketing and customer experiences.
Audiences – activation strategies and programs supercharged with data and AI.
Datisan’s offering is totally unique in the market and provides our clients with strong competitive advantages in this rapidly changing world.

I’d like to thank all of our past and present clients, partners and team for your part in our journey so far and would welcome you along our journey still to come. It’s only just beginning!

If you’d like to know more, please feel free to reach out to me personally or any of our team here.