New Head of Cloud and MarTech for Datisan

July 7, 2020
Caroline Sheahan

The new financial year

has brought with it an exciting hire for the Datisan team in Tom Sowerby. Tom brings over 10 years experience in the digital, data and tech space, in roles that spanned across the UK and Australia. Most recently, he worked for Virgin Australia as Leader of MarTech and Optimisation, and before that at Digital Balance (Melbourne) where he operated in an analytics and optimisation consultancy role.

His decade in the industry has led to a particular knack for identifying organisational and technological challenges that prevent large organisations effectively executing their marketing strategies.

When asked about his passion for the industry Tom commented,

I love taking the time to really understand the challenges that organisations, particularly marketers, are having and then developing a logical and data driven approach to solving them. I believe the key to successful modern marketing lies in developing truly awesome customer experiences, and you can’t do that without taking a holistic, data driven approach to understanding how, when and where to communicate with your customers. Developing solutions that enable those perfect customer experiences is my passion.

When asked about joining Datisan Tom said,

I’m really excited to join the team. I feel that I’ll be able to help Datisan clients through my ability to break down complicated technical concepts and explaining them in a way that gives managers and execs the information they need to make decisions. Using my combination of business strategy and technical experience I can really hone in on effective, immediately actionable solutions that enhance customer experiences and drive cross channel revenue generation.


Tom Sowerby – Datisan Head of Cloud and MarTech

Datisan CEO Chris Rozic said,

Tom is a welcome addition to Datisan’s strategic vision and his energy and expertise have already been evident to our wider team and clients, even while starting during this period of distributed working. I’m looking forward to seeing his leadership and insight into Cloud and marketing technology strategies to continue Datisan’s vision of unlocking data to transform business

Welcome to Team Datisan Tom!

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