Core Values Updated

October 6, 2020
Rachel Ellison

Our three values – Own it, Brave Enough and Grow Together – inspire and inform our interactions with each other, our clients, partners and suppliers.

Since our DATA (Datisan Annual Team Adventure) Day in December 2019, we’ve been working away at creating an updated, collaborative set of values with our culture consultant, Belinda Forman. After many workshops and revisions, we’re excited to finally announce them! 

We wanted to share some of the process to get to this point, so our Marketing Support Manager, Rachel Ellison, sat down with Belinda to discuss the project and how she feels about the outcomes.

Rachel: Firstly, can you tell me what a culture consultant does?

Belinda: “I bring together the idea and ideal a business has, help make them tangible and help embed them into the day to day.”

Why was the project undertaken?

“Datisan had been its own business since January 2018 and as it was spun out of Traffika, they had taken the core values of Traffika with them.  At the end of 2019, Chris and the team decided it was time for the core values to reflect the new business and team at Datisan. This process began during a planning session at DATA Day 2019.”

Belinda Forman facilitating Datisan’s brainstorming / Halfway through refining top values

How did you find the early stages of the process with the Datisan team?

“We started the process at a group level with the XPON Technologies values and from there we took the opportunity to expand on how these values come to life, every day with the team at Datisan.

The interesting thing about this process was that we found that everyone was on the same path and cared about creating a set of values that they could really be proud of.”

Culture is the glue that holds the team together, the common value set that you all want to be a part of.

What did you find interesting when brainstorming or discussing with the team?

“We had started the off-site day with personal values and there was this light bulb moment, when the brainstorming really connected them with their personal sets of values. It empowered the team to align with what they stood for personally – this made the brainstorming flow so easily.”

Some of the Datisan team reviewing personal and business values at DATA Day

What did you feel was the most challenging part of this process?

“Probably settling on the imagery to express the values. All of the team came with different images in mind for the final values and images can be subjective – we all see different things when we think of certain words. It was important that whatever we decided on reflected the brand, the business and the team.”

What has made you the most excited?

“Seeing how everyone has taken on the values as they were all a part of the creation. I hear the team using them in their conversations, checking in each other with them and giving kudos to each other for how they are living them.”

Now that the values are set, what comes next?

“I think it’s to spread the word… to let our community know who we are and what we stand for, so others who feel the same are drawn to work with our team.”

You mention the everyday – how do you intend to have the team embrace and utilise these values?

“We use them in our weekly value nominations and shout-outs to our fellow team members. I know that each individual will leverage the values in different ways, whether it is to check themselves and others, to help guide decision making, to help clients understand who we are and how we act as a business, to add value to someone’s day or just to connect with their why.”

Outside of brainstorming and setting values, what else would you recommend to drive engagement?

“Engagement is an intrinsic thing. You can do all the cool things in the world but if they mean nothing to the person, they will never be engaged. Treating everyone as an individual and helping them achieve their goals and dreams to drive meaning to the work they do with you everyday.” 

Do you have a favourite value?

Grow together is my favourite as I believe our team is at its best when we are giving of each other, sharing our knowledge to help each other grow. Imagine what our world would be like if everyone put this lens on how they move through the world! What a world we would live in.”

Rachel then asked Chris Rozic, Co-founder and CEO of Datisan, about the role of culture and values.

What part do you think culture plays in Datisan’s everyday?

Chris: “Our culture is the fibre of our business identity. Whether it’s in a daily stand up, the way we interact with each other, or deliver experiences for our customers – we mindfully live out our values in every interaction. Plus we’re not a precious bunch and enjoy a laugh, which is important to keep energy high, and mindsets positive.”

Why was outlining values important to our business?

“We were able to hit the pause button and come up for air, to see what were the things that really drove us as people, and professionals.”

What value do you see from having someone focused on promoting culture within a business?

“Two things here. To get quality results, you need to engage an expert. You get what you focus on. And having someone focused on culture, we can achieve the outcomes we need (as opposed to it being something ‘we’ll get to’).”

You can read a little more about each value on our Culture page.