2020. Year of Business Transformation or Detonation?

February 26, 2020
Brent Lupton

2020 has certainly kicked off with a bang with growing business pressure and the retail sector in particular hit hard with the announcement of a number of high profile brands closing their doors.

With the battleground for the consumer dollar and brand loyalty ever intensifying, user expectations for brand and purchase experience are rising. Add to this the pace of technology evolution and convergence increasing, the need for not just Digital Transformation but larger scale Organisational Transformation should be at the forefront of every business leaders agenda.


For any business, large or small, rallying support for large scale change can be challenging. Your team needs guidance and clarity on the pathway to change but also an understanding of why the change needs to happen.

The path to transformation success begins with having a clear understanding of your starting point as well as your end goals, only then will you then be able to start reviewing the gap and plotting the pathway to your strategic vision.

While digital is only a component of all your brands service and operating blueprint, it has a growing influence of all touch points in the business. Understanding where you sit in terms of your Digital Maturity and how you benchmark against your industry’s competitors gives your business insight into the starting point to transformative success.

Datisan has recently released a digital maturity report based on the results of an extensive national survey conducted last year. Through the data we obtained we were able to segment the digital maturity of Australia by state and by industry.

The four areas of capability tested were the following:

The results of the report have been segmented into four key stages; Nascent, Emerging, Connected and Multi-moment.

No business wants to be the next headline about shutting its doors. To find out how your business stacks up in digital maturity against your industry and state take the the Datisan Digital Maturity assessment today. Or get in touch with our Head of Sales Mike Cornwell here.