Glenn Badke

Chief Financial Officer

Everyone knows a Glenn. He’s our Yoda – the source of wisdom about absolutely anything, from sports to the stock market. No matter if you’re wondering where to eat, or need some advice on buying your first home, he’s your guy. So of course, we’ve entrusted our financial future to those same wise hands, across the Maverick Data Group (to which Traffika belongs).

Having joined Traffika in 2009, when it was just six months old, Glenn is our longest-standing team member and part owner. Since he first hobbled into Matt’s office with a broken ankle, Glenn’s helped Traffika grow from a handful of people to a global digital business.

Our office back then, was probably the same size as our current boardroom and Matt and I had a desk facing each other. There were only four of us, at the time. The changes I’ve seen have been amazing.

When I first started, Google AdWords was quite new to me, but it didn’t take a rocket scientist to realise that print media and radio advertising would decline. So of course, the pairing of the Traffika team’s talent and Matt’s drive, meant it was only a matter of time before we kicked some major goals.

While there are lots of things he loves about Traffika and the wider Maverick Data Group., it’s the people who have kept his passion burning, for almost ten years.

I love that we’re all working towards the same goal of client delight. It’s something that keeps us connected, inspired and enables us to easily bounce ideas off other like-minded individuals. I also love how incredibly intelligent everyone is. It’s an amazing feeling to be mentally stimulated on a daily and hourly basis – that alone makes me value every minute here.

Thoughtful and detailed, his views are generally considered – not just in financial matters – and his diligent eye ensures that Traffika never settles for average or ordinary. Glenn holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) and a Bachelor of Business (Human Resources Management), along with more than 15 years in digital and finance, and seven years in CFO and senior management roles.

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