Chris Rozic

Chief Executive Officer

Having co-founded and architected multiple tech businesses, Chris is a driven, passionate and self-starting entrepreneur. As co-catalyst for Datisan’s founding and now the CEO, he’s a key anchor point and deliverer in this close-knit team.

Chris’ deep-rooted experience in designing insightful, yet sustainable marketing and business tools, is now the foundation of Datisan’s secret sauce. Both a thinker and a doer, his history spans disparate industries – from information technology, consumer electronics, commercial property, to hospitality and the services market – helping him perceive and understand the story hidden within a client’s data.

I have always believed that to realize the true potential of every business-wide decision, that it must be driven by insights hidden within the data.

He’s also the co-founder of two other market-changing platforms – Winja and Ark CX. Winja is a social media platform for complaining, that helps marketers manage their brand’s health. While Ark CX – as a bespoke Customer Experience Management (CXM) platform – focuses on turning positive and negative customer sentiment feedback, into human insights that deliver authentic, actionable solutions.

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