Belinda Forman

Group People & Culture

Genuine, approachable and encouraging. That’s the first three things that come to mind when you speak to Belinda. Next, you realise why she’s so good at bringing the right people together to form our dream-big, achieve-big teams. As a die-hard people person, she can spot someone worth developing from ten paces and loves stretching not just them, but also herself, to open the right opportunities and challenges for them.

Belinda is the heart of Traffika. She’s been the driving force behind our stand-out culture and spirit from day one, in 2009, when she and her husband Matt, founded the business. As our People & Culture person, Belinda’s ongoing mission is to ensure our team is united, connected and inspired every single day. She’s also a dab-hand at helping others grow.

Our culture is all about empowering and inspiring one another. To do this, we attract the best people – people who share the same core values as we do and who are committed to adapting and developing alongside the growth of our companies, whether they’re a part of Traffika, Datisan or the Maverick Data Group.

With a background in marketing and more 20 years’ experience growing businesses, Belinda has always thought differently about the people aspect of an organisation.

I’ve always believed that if you market well internally, you’ll find that the best advocates for your business are the people who work with you. Nurturing a great culture not only creates a sense of belonging and purpose, but in the long run it’s also what attracts people to work with you and what makes them want to stay.

When she’s not building our talent pipeline, developing strategies for personal and professional development or just supporting our culture at large, Belinda can be found relaxing on her farm with her kids, practicing yoga or putting her skills as a trained chef, to good use, by whipping up a lavish team feast in record time.

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