Our People

We’re a community of result drivers.

Our biggest asset are our people.

We share an obsession for data, technology and results.

We drive ourselves to deliver unique intelligence and insights.

We build our own tools, software and algorithms to enable outcomes.

But as much as we love technology & data, we don’t just rely on algorithms and machines. The most powerful force in our work, is our people, their thinking and doing.

We’re a tight-knit team that thinks and speaks IT, marketing and sales. As marketers, scientists, engineers and technologists, expert in all the core digital disciplines, we’re hand-picked from across the globe for our smarts and sharps. Our passions are shrewder, more timely insights, activating their impact on the top and bottom line. Our clients’ growth does our talking.

Our Leadership Team

Chris Rozic

Co-Founder & CEO

Having co-founded and architecting multiple tech businesses, Chris is a driven, passionate and self-starting entrepreneur.

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Matt Daniels

Chief Technical Officer

As a die-hard tech guy, Matt speaks fluent code and approaches technical problem solving with an unusually canny business eye.

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Brent Lupton

Chief Operating Officer

Brent draws on 19 years of experience spanning all major disciplines of the digital space delivering successful outcomes for some of Australias' most recognised brands.

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Glenn Badke

Chief Financial Officer

Everyone knows a Glenn. He’s our Yoda – the source of wisdom about absolutely anything, from sports to the stock market.

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Belinda Forman

People & Culture

Genuine, approachable and encouraging. Next, you realise why she’s so good at bringing the right people together to form our dream-big, achieve-big teams.

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Matt Forman

Co-Founder Group CEO

Maverick Data Group’s Founder & Group CEO, Matt Forman, is constantly searching for new possibilities, reimagining ideas and transforming businesses into digital powerhouses.

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Come work with us

We are always looking for incredible talent in full-time, part-time and freelance capacity.